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Villa I Tatti
Postdoctorate Study of the Italian Renaissance: Architecture, History, Literature,
Material Culture, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Science, or Visual Arts

Villa I Tatti

Fifteen I Tatti 12-month fellowships are available each academic year for research in any aspect of the Italian Renaissance, broadly defined as the period ranging from the 13th to the 17th centuries. Applications are also welcome from candidates working on the transmission and circulation of ideas, objects, and people, into and beyond the Italian peninsula, or the historiography of the Italian Renaissance. In order to foster a collaborative spirit, Fellows must live in the Florence area and to spend at least three days a week at the center. The maximum stipend is $50,000, plus a supplement towards relocation expenses. The deadline is 31 October.

I Tatti also offers a limited number of Visiting (3-6 month) Fellowships. Mellon Fellowships are designed to support and promote Italian Renaissance studies in areas that have been under-represented at I Tatti. Preference will be given to junior scholars who teach, or plan to teach, in Asia, Islamic countries, Latin America, and the Mediterranean basin. Smyth Fellowships are designed for scholars who do not have the benefit of sabbatical leave, e.g., curators, administrators, and conservators. The deadline for both is 1 February. Please see our website for further details.

Villa I Tatti
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