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Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
Theory, History, and Interpretation of Works from all Periods and Genres of Art

Clark Art Institute

The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute supports inquiries into the theory, history, and interpretation of works from all periods and genres of art. It offers between fifteen and twenty fellowships a year, ranging from less than one month to ten months. National and international scholars, critics, and museum professionals are welcome to propose projects that extend and enhance the understanding of the visual arts and their role in culture. Stipends and housing are provided. Clark Fellows have offices in the Institute’s library, containing over 200,000 volumes and 900 periodicals. The museum, library, visual resources collection, and the scholars’ center are housed together with the Williams College Graduate Program in the History of Art. The Clark Art Institute is within walking distance of Williams College and its Museum of Art; nearby in North Adams is the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Conferences and symposia as well as lectures and colloquia are a vital part of the Institute’s activities during the fellowship year. Applications are invited from scholars with the Ph.D. or equivalent professional experience in universities, museums, and related institutions.

Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
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