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The American Antiquarian Society (AAS) offers several short-term (one to three months) and long-term (four to twelve months) visiting research fellowships in all aspects of American history and culture. In recent years, two separate short-term fellowships have become available to support the study of American prints and visual culture. One, funded by the American Historical Print Collectors’ Society, is dedicated to supporting a scholar studying American prints. The “Drawn to Art” Fellowship supports research on American art, visual culture, or other projects that will make substantial use of graphic materials as primary sources. More recently Jay and Deborah Last have made funds available for a variety of fellowships based on the print collections at AAS. These will be for one to three months and can support research towards traditional scholarly projects in addition to exhibitions, work by visual artists, curriculum projects, and web-based projects. The Society’s collections are rich in graphic arts materials, including engravings, lithographs, photographs, book illustrations, and printed ephemera, plus major contextual collections of American printed and manuscript material. Short-term fellowships are available for scholars holding the Ph.D. and for doctoral candidates engaged in dissertation research. AAS-National Endowment for the Humanities and Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow-ships are long-term awards intended for scholars beyond the doctorate, for which senior and mid-career scholars are encouraged to apply. International scholars may apply for short-term and Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships. The application deadline is January 15 for fellowships for the year beginning June 1. The Society also offers a Mellon Post-Dissertation Fellowship for a scholar who has received the Ph.D. within the preceding three years. The application deadline for that fellowship is October 15 for an award for the following academic year.

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